At MZ, sustainability is a key priority of ours, and fundamental to our brand and personal values. We work hard to adopt a comprehensive and transparent strategy that reflects the many aspects of sustainability to ensure we operate in a sustainable manner, while also maintaining the highest standards of quality in each and every piece that we design and create.



Every MZ piece is designed and individually hand fabricated in our studio in Noosa, Australia, using locally sourced materials whenever possible. The bulk of production is conducted by Marissa in her workshop, where she designs, makes and assembles each piece.


At the heart of the MZ brand is a dedication to craftsmanship, where every product is designed and constructed with meticulous attention to detail. By crafting each piece by hand, Marissa brings a personalised touch and intricate level of detail, while avoiding the wasteful mass production techniques.


At MZ, Marissa ensures that her collections have a minimal environmental impact by using only recycled gold and sterling silver, along with recycled or responsibly procured local gemstones from Australia.
We have yet to witness whether anyone in the fine jewellery industry can truly attain a net-zero impact, but we can do our part by bringing attention to this matter and leading by example.