Marissa Ziesing is a small scale label that values craftsmanship within each design. She develops small and considered collections out of her Byron Bay studio. Her signature styles are created alongside pieces that are limited editions or special collaborations.

Producing only to meet demand, the majority of the production processes are carried out in a single workshop, creating transparency within her label. It also enables control of the materials used and waste management. Pieces are handmade from recycled gold or sterling silver and all stones are sourced in Australia or recycled.

Since 2012 Marissa, has worked, studied and exhibited nationally and internationally in the goldsmithing and silversmithing industries. Following a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Diploma in Jewellery & Object Design, Marissa has undertaken residencies and mentorships in Australia, USA and UK, training under renowned gold and silversmiths. She has been the recipient of various grants and awards. 

Drawing from her extensive knowledge and understanding of gold and silversmithing, Marissa creates highly crafted, timeless pieces that are made to be worn and enjoyed in everyday life. The non-seasonal collections share her distinct visual language, combining elements of tradition and modern technologies with an emphasis on contemporary interpretations, consideration for function and how each piece connects to the human body.